Wherefore ‘Art’ thou Hollywood.

Published May 16, 2013 by jeffjinx

The formula in most mainstream films is now SO predictable, SO shallow that few will ever stand the test of time. The slavish reliance on Joseph Campbell’s mythological structural.  The jarring over-use of CGI – which erases any emotional involvement the audience may have earlier invested in any the characters – and now the MIND NUMBING Theme-Park Ride of 3D? To paraphrase the despicable and clinical detachment of the cigarette industry: Hollywood is just making a ‘Popcorn Delivery System’. I long for the days when intelligent ideas have value and they make films for a more discerning audience. The kids they’re targeting now rarely even pay to see these films. They download them for free, watch them once – and delete them when the memory is full on their games consoles. Come back ingenuity, integrity and art – we miss you.  ;(



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